From my point of view, Malaysian Idol is almost too much. Too many unnecessary talks and interviews, not too mention very dragging. Tang nyanyi nyer sket jer. takleh nak gelak besar²an. dia punya suntingan tabes, its like something is missing. and the judges...roslan aziz talks too much with lame jokes, fauziah latiff asik ulang aper yang other judges cakap, she didn't have much of her own opinion anyway, paul moss bulih lar.


Dinner at NZ, Wangsa Maju. Its a great place to hang-out. lotsa ppl to watch. but the service is kinda slow takleh lawan Tomyam 2000.

Personal note: When a waiter drop a paper with scribble handwriting on it, he must be meant to spell PAID, not his name which least possibly could be PAUL. kih kih!