Snacking @ Kopimeo, Shah Alam

Another cafe in SA area, Kopimeo. When we were there, kedai penuh. Tampak meriah.

Dinner @ Kopimeo, Shah Alam

Our first experience here was so so. All the staff dah takleh nak senyum musbi really penat i guess. But really, a smile is very important. I had cappucino. Meja cantek for flat lay photos.

Dinner @ Kopimeo, Shah Alam

I wanted to try something else that night, i can't remember. But dah abes so i ordered fries with sour and cream instead. Jeeb was not feeling well so we had a quick bite and balik.

Dinner @ Kopimeo, Shah Alam

This round of cafe hunt dunno laa biler nak datang lagik. Tgk IG cam banyak food sedap that i wanted to try. One of those random days maybe.


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