Herreeee...Didn't get the chance to shout out! OT tak sempat nak online. Bout the PTD test 2 days ago, it was ok...although i didn't know what the heck to answer. Bumped into Gee, Zureen, Basyeer, and member skolah Rohaza, Azna, Fiza. It's great, pick up latest news bout each other. Peksa tuh makan masa sampai petang...and it consist of 5 papers with break in between. Maths question is not that horrible, but too bad, not much time provided. The general questions is killer one. There's bout NAM, Commonwealth, Perjanjian tuh perjanjian nie. Huarghhh....Blasah! Ngantuk toksah cakapler, dahler dalam ballroom...sah² lampu oren. Alahaiii....malap jer aku tgk soklan.

During the test there's one big guy sat next to me. It's not s'pose to be his seat...coz sticker ctu nama pompuan. But the thing is he kept mumbling and humming to himself thru the test which is very annoying.

While on the way back, dalam bas, one guy chose to sat next to me of all EMPTY seats. Duduk² jer dah setat mengayat, cakap dekat² lak tuh...ewww that is so not in! freak, what was he thinking, i'll give him my number in the next 5 minutes? i was like shit...cemana nak kuar nie. nyesal tak dok belah aisle. luckily he made way...the reason why Malaysian don't fall into conversation easily with too friendly stranger is maybe because 'some' may look like erm...'not too friendly'? This is where 'Judging Book by its Cover' apply. Cruel but thats the facts. Ladies have right to be suspicious with any stranger. Good looking or not...but I have warning bulb in my head "alert! alert!".


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