Went to Bangsar to have lunch, stopped at APW on the way. Then board Putra turun kat M. Jamek. Naik Star turun kat Plaza Rakyat. Just one station, I could've walk...but did dat on purpose...coz i wanna use the monthly pass to the fullest. *wink!* Walked to S&M. Hectic along the way as always.

The mission is to find Mashi Moro. Which I'm having trouble finding one in small type not the fluffy. Tanya sales asst...sumer kater tarak. Lazy bone! Tanya other customer, this chinese girl happily pointed out Mashi Moro one after another. I didn't know Mashi Moro have other colour besides white! And Emporium Mydin already starts operating at Sinar Kota which used to be MetroJaya. It really draw a crowd! Where there's a crowd it drives me away. Nak masuk pon horror...but everybody seems so happy shopping at Mydin. Sesak pon takper...plastic bag kiri kanan. Hmmm....

p.s:Why in the world TV2 replaced Roswell with Felicity? Zaman biler punya citer daaa...that is sooo out! And Charmed, finally is back on screen. But I hate their next kin though....what's-her-name? Think I already watched at TCS5...Still remember kroni tgk Charmed, me, Pizet ngan Wawa vs Jack n Jill (Rock, Rina and me again)...Same time different channels. Sib baik de 2 tv kat umah tuh pon fight who gets the big tv with 2 color or smaller tv with RGB color. :D


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