The twins came over the other day. They were proposing a marketing biz, network 21, a project under Amway. sounds like pyramid scheme to me. After the meeting, i'd actually discover a part of what I like to do.

They asked me what exactly do I want in life? Traveling, better standard of living, my case I wish I have more time with Bapak but at the same time enjoying my work with good income. But the main point is I can't commit with this kind of networking biz. Havta meet client, attend meetings, talks or function which I havta pay for it....It takes times and efforts but i'm one helluva lazy bum. I'm suck in convincing people, or explain even one simple process without stumbling a word. I'm still juggling with my career, and some will said i'll work like a slave, up till when? Even nana asked me the very same question...but back then i dunno what to answer and I chose to ignore. But now i think i have one.

I work berra with machine than with human. I rather meet up with sifu or master in something in my interest area rather than potential client and sell myself even though that’s what I have to do to be a freelancer and I definitely prefer to work on project basis. At this age I'm willing to do any job offering me doing what I like although the pay is low and damn far. And when the project is complete it's like I can sit back and say "..aah, i did that!". That's what I like and that is why i keep on doing it.

Boredom will come around. But I'll think about it when the time comes for I have few options.


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