1 Syawal

Jemaah surau stopped by the house last nite for takbir raya. The second Raya without beloved Mom. The grievous pain i couldn't bear till now. This morning sembahyang raya, salam² mintak ampun maap , then me, bapak, nana and adly headed to pusara. Cheras Baru pack with Muslims yang nak pegi menziarah. Sebak oooo...

Nana buat nasik tomato. Arrange here and there...very efficient. Maybe her decision to join F&B full time is the right choice. She seems enjoying it. Then she depart to her in-laws sometimes in the evening. Will be back on Sunday. And that just leave me and Bapak. Hehehe....ni la crita adik bradik sket. Kalo big family datang nak braya abisla aku tunggang langgang sensorang kat dapur. Bluarghhhh!

May Allah bless us on this beautiful day.