Adly got himself a pet today. A fish he called Fish. My sista kept on 'oh no' on the way back takut ikan tuh kiok sblom sempat sampai umah. Gladly Fish made it!

I believe this is the first pet ever stepped into this house. In my entire of 22 years, I never have a pet. Some house rulez...but i think it only apply to fur creature :D. Dad is being xtra nice...he bought an aquarium the next day and some fish friends for Fish. And more in the we kinda have like 50 fish now. Erghh tedious job. But at least it could make him occupied. But he also spent too much money on those fish whereas he could buy new clothes...or maybe my clothes. thehehehe! Hmmm....I've already got him a shirt...nana would do the rest.

I'm totally self sponsored this year. So I'm back to broke now. Why do I get the feeling tahun nie aku langsung tak dapat duit raya?Whoaaaa....shucks! So azam aku tahun depan kutip hong pau banyak²! Tinggal lagik sminggu bulan Ramadhan...sayu la plak. Isk!