Too many guests today…my feet aching! Chul, Saha and kaum krabat dropped by mengejut nak braya. Ka che chung yi chula…har har har! Nana’s friends, ayie’s friends, maksu & family plus maklong & family all the way from Penang. They gonna crash the place for 2 days. Also my x-boss in Sirim. Bakri and kak Tini the newly wed couple came….didn’t see them for quite sometime. Long enuff in LICT, Bakri now settled down in UPM as a lecturer and felo. Hahahah the last thing on earth he ever become a felo in girls college.

Later, I was just landing peacefully at the couch to watch not-to-be-missed Roswell, 3 cars of Penangite mai. Hardly know even one of em. Kelentang kelentung lagik kat dapur. Sheesh! Everybody speaks pure bahsa 'ibunda'…bes bes giler ah ding dong. But my Roswell...walawei!