Tea Party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

What was your activity on the tententen (10/10/2010)? I went to Pitter Patter Delightful tea party with lil'' bumps at Carcosa Sri Negara.

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

The event itinerary and event coverage here.

Me and Cheep arrived around 1.30pm and we checked in at the counter to get doorgifts

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

Expert talks for mothers kick started with Beautiful with bumps – how does good nutrition enhance your beauty & immunity in pregnancy by Ms Loo Mei Fong Nutritionist from Dutch Lady Milk. Follow suit was the information talk on “Preparing yourself for the BIG DAY” by Dr Wong Pak Seng from Sunway Medical Centre. This one was interesting but he talked to fast. We learned that there were other talks running concurrently at other room for dad-to-be. It was one of the talks i was looking forward to listen to so kinda frustrated jugak when they susun camtuh >.<

Photo credit: Pitter Patter

We were then ushered to the drawing room for Carcosa’s Classical English Hi Tea. Unfortunately there weren't many seats so we had to looked around inside out to find available seats before we can enjoy our food. And i saw ada yang terpaksa makan berdiri.

After makan, we snapped photos sket kat luar. Carcosa is ekceli a colonial mansions so the decor and building is like a big mat saleh's house.

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

We stayed for a while to see the participants getting ready for their catwalk. This was the second time i declined to participate the fashion show hak hak. At first macam nak but lepas tuh cam maleh plak. But when i saw their make up was sponsored by Bobbi Brown i was like 'cheisss! rugi!' hehe!

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

The catwalk runway

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara

But we didn't stay long after that because i started to feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Besides it's Sunday and we needed the extra rest to lazy around before Monday. I think the previous event held at KLGCC is much more better and fun. I like Carcosa, however that place kinda crammed for preggy ladies to walk around. On the other hand, the sponsors were awesome!

1) Immunity During Pregnancy by Friso Mum Gold

2) Doll Up with Makeup by Bobbi Brown

3) Chic Clothing Picks for the Bump by Maternity Wearhouz

4) Bonding thru Breastfeeding by Medela

5) Closet for my little one by Super Cute Baby

6) Cellsafe

7) Prudential

8) Relaxation Through Massage for Little Bumps by Bella Luna

The goodies from the Tea Party event.

Tea party @ Carcosa Sri Negara


  1. wow bestnya tea party ni! banyak dapat gift!

  2. I've never been to Carcosa Seri Negara before... best la! :D

    food! glorious food! *drools*

    you look so radiant la Soulie. I was so huge (kembang air) with both pregnancies... i didn't even dare to take a picture of myself!

  3. soulie, i've got Versatile Blogger Award for you

  4. soul....i like..ni yg terasa nak pregnant lagi ni

  5. k.emila, hehe tang dapat gift byk mmg bes!

    grabbing the award at your blog. thank you! *grin*

  6. nessa, it was my first time at carcosa too. but their nasi&mihun goreng were tasteless haha.

    My body is kembang already, i was lucky it didnt show much in the face. so far my kaki paling kembang lol!

  7. kak rin, wahhh terasa nak preggy lagik skali?! chayokkk!!!


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