Low is quitting the job. Me, Tan and Weng gigit jari jeles tgk dia dah nak blah. It feels like watching your fren graduate

earlier than you. Karu plak saja carik pasal pegi carik Alicia soh jangan approve the resignation letter. Conflict tahapa² yang saja dicomplicated kan.

after work, had dinner @ Neilis, Ampang with Inot, Susu and BB...celebr8 sempena Inot going to futher study and pursue her career as a teacher. I had sheperd pie. Burak² sambil bersila sampai kebas kaki. And then we headed to Jusco, since Inot de lagik buying list yang tak lengkap. Anyway I wanna wish Inot all the best in her new path. You alreadeh got the look...the teacher-look. hehe!! hope you'll have a great time in Perlis.

Oso...Happy Burfday to Fadh!! Slamat ari warga tua...cecah 24 beb! (^o^)


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