After meet up wit Wawa @ Kl sent, I headed to M.Jamek as usual. Time nak turun tangga, someone tapped my shoulder. A mid-age chinese guy smiling at me, staring and smiling. Blank. who the heck is this? I said what? and then he said wrong person. duh...dia turun tangga half way dia naik balik. i turned back and saw him grabbing a guy yang tgh naik tangga and then pegang? his hands, his bag, pushing him to the wall. that guy struggle to break free in blur state. Hoh...berderau darah aku. konpem tiz guy is maniac. just imagine, punyalah hectic M Jamek at that time, still orang tuh brani buat cengitu in public. i started walking in daze and tgk balik that psycho, dah turun tangga. hampes. tpaksa aku lari masuk star and get ready to scream and kickin' if he suddenly decides to attack me. haha biler citer balik cam klako...tapik time tuh menggelabah ler gak. well...thats how it goes. screaming is the best weapon at panic time to get attention or help :P i'm gettin a pepper spray!


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