Among ppl in the bustling OU yesterday wif akmal and jaa. Managed to get Baik Punya Cilok tix @ gsc then lunch @ BK sambel tunggu zet and sam (umah dekat tapik dowang lah park paling jauh haha). The movie was a gud one, i had a gud laugh especially the kelate english. way to go, afdlin! Baliks they dropped me off, nak tumpang solat and I offered em drinks, make dat 2 types of drinks because the 1st one was tasteless haha shetlah. wat instant coffee pon failed! it's spose to be in a cup not a mug! my bad...i didnt bother the measurement coz i dont drink coffee (pthhhh!!)

Today gi midV, again move in the throngs of people. Sampai² tgk queue gsc panjang giler babas sampai depan mekdi. perghh down giler! nak tgk king kong! i want! i want! even i get the tix...yang lagik sorang x dapat parking huaaa. so blah from midv, singgah Bangsar V*llage. Then gi Times Sq...kotler ader chances for King Kong skali lagik hampeh, 4.30nyer show sold out trus. Wuz thinkin nak tgk the promise but luckily we didnt coz i jes found out its in mandarin (somehow i kenot handle mandarin, ala macam layan hindi tapik tamil tabley). So went to Tarbush near lot 10 for lunch, ordered grilled spring chicken and grilled arayes. not bad at all, ayam marinade dia sedap siot. Round sg wang, sambung round BTS. fuh 4 shopping centre in 1 day and now...sore feet.