Qeeb's 3rd and 4th Day at School

On 3rd day of school we only went to check out on Qeeb during his lunch break because that morning bawak Zafeer gi appointment at HTAR. He didn't ate his bekal roti sangat. Dok main2 ngan kitowang sementara tunggu bell ring. So everything was considered normal.

On 4th day, i already started working. Cuma mampu bekalkan doa for Qeeb that everything will be ok at school. But rasa nak gugur jantung biler balik tuh he told me that someone took his money from his shirt's pocket. Oh nooooo ada kaki buli ker! Nih yang lomah nih takot dia kene aim jer pasnie. I wanted to ask his teacher but Qeeb tak bagi. But to get all the details from him pon susah. He did cerita that he still has another rm2 and he managed to buy nasik goreng and teh o ais cuma tak sempat nak abeskan because dah abes time rehat. He saw the boy who took his money and used it to buy a drink. Perghhh memang lah slumber giler. Kesian muka Qeeb cam down time dia citer tuh because that one ringgit was supposed to be his savings money.

I really hope that this is just a one time incident and Qeeb will not hide anything just to avoid my over dramatic response. Smoga dia dapat get along well with his new classmates and other schoolmates so that he'll enjoy his school.


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