2016 Brief Summary

2016 in a glance. A lot of beautiful and interesting memories to keep. 
  • 172 blog posts for 2016. Not bad eh! I guess smangat nak amik gambar helps. Pat myself on the shoulder. 
  • My highest traffic blog entry was GLC meetup @ SA with more than 3K pageviews. It was a one time hit, lol! 
  • I also got some of my photos printed on Lifebuuk. I love their monthly covers! Photobook takes so much time to siapkan. So this will do!
Lifebuuk Collection
  • We moved into our own home. Our casa. Our little space to roam freely. 
  • Breastfed Zafeer till he was 10 months old. I wish it can be longer but production turns low because he suddenly lost interest and bit me when i kept forcing him. So ocayyyy i got the hint.
  • Zafeer turns 1 yo. His birthday entry here.
  • Qeeb turns 6yo and his birthday entry here. Finished his preschool years and going to primary school next year.
  • Jeeb resigned from his company at Sentral. That means i have to drive alone. I missed the borak2 session and what i missed most was having the chance to take a nap while he drives :P
  • The monster theme i made for Qeeb's 3rd birthday party got repinned for 737 times at Pinterest! Last i check it is now at 773. 

  • One of my wish list was to masak for the family. Even though tak variety, but improving the basic first. Hopkos, nak masak for guests still segan. The noxxa and grill that i bought tuh ada laa jugak pakai and tak kutip habuk smata heheh.
  • Planner helps me to remember things, checklist helps me to do things. So it's important that i love my organizer, with fancy colorful pens and stickers to ensure i fully utilize it (good excuses to buy more stationery). Zafeer was a busy boy this year with quite a number of appointments, and we managed to attend all (takde kes terlupa or terlajak) and pleased everyone in HTAR and KK.
  • My sort of moleskine notebook almost full! Wpon takde time sangat nak update, but somehow i managed to fill up all the pages. I just realized i started the book in Nov 2015, peneman stress time kat HTAR. I even drew the room layout with all the beds and the name of ibu2 preemie yang bersilih ganti. 
Notes in notebook

  • Tempat percutian paling jauh was Bukit Tinggi. Thanks to few company events this year so rasa laa meriah sket like gathering at Janda Baik, family day at Sunway Lagoon, Star Wars movie at IOI.
  • We lost aunty Rose this year. May Allah blessed soul. Al-Fatihah.
  • Career wise, i joined a new team this year, learning new stuff, meeting new people, attended different kinds of meeting. It was interesting. But (there's always a but)...i felt uncertain for next year. Lets just hope for the best, if it does not work out, then it's time to move on.
HELLO 2017
Semoga Allah permudahkan semua urusan kita semua, insya Allah.


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