Qeeb's 1st day at School

Qeeb's first day at school which was supposed to be calm jadik chaotic at last minute. Sampai umah tok wan he wanted to eat chocolate cake. Ok, since i don't want him to risk kotoq kan baju skolah, i took it off. When i was about to pakai kan him balik the baju i saw ada chocolate cake bersepai kat lantai. Distractionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Time tuh lar the school van arrived.

Qeeb's Standard 1 Orientation Day

So kalut nak pakai kan him the shirt, socks and shoes. Luckily he already used to naik van so i just asked him to cecepat naik van because i don't like to keep people waiting. Tak sempat nak hug him and what not. Dah naik van we waited him plak kat rumah Hamzah because tau the van will pickup Hamzah there. Nampak Hamzah pakai tag baru tingat i put everything inside the folder sure Qeeb tak pasan, dang! Tetiba leh imagine aper yang chekgu commented "murid ker bag yang nak pakai tag tuh sbb simpan dalam bag"

Sempat lah waved kat Qeeb yang dalam van time tuh. Then konon nak intercepted kat school gate but dah nak start school dia tak sampai2 lagik. We waited for almost 1 hour there to make sure we did not missed him. Jeeb went to check out at the dewan but having difficulties because the teachers were very strict of allowing the parents to hang out and bersidai kat dewan. Dapat called the school van driver, rupanyer dia dropped off the kids kat gate lain! Whatttt?! Hangen kejap because tak dapat intercept Qeeb nak kluar kan the tag. Plus i don't know whether he really dah ada dalam dewan or not. Redha jelah anggap dia dah masuk because he already familiar with the school compound.

Negative thoughts really drained my energy! Lets focus on positivity cheq oiii! Baru benda kecik jaa (ekceli banyak campor benda lain skali yang tak kene mengene). Tak sempat nak fefeeling anak sulung masuk darjah 1, tak sempat nak amik gambar and tambah sebakul warnings and pesanan.

During his recess time, kitowang jenguk ler nak tgk how he handle process membeli kat canteen, where to sit, etc. He had bekal nasik goreng plus pocket money rm2 dengan pesanan penaja ada balance simpan dalam tabung. He did not want to eat the nasik goreng, instead he bought sosej rm1 and air kotak milo rm2 (i had to top up lagik singgit). So abes trus rm3 on day 1. Besok kita cuba lagik!

These photos were taken during orientation & briefing day.

Qeeb's Standard 1 Orientation Day

 While the parents dengar taklimat kat dewan, the kids went to the assigned classes to sit for assessment test.

Qeeb's Standard 1 Orientation Day