Brian tarik balik surat resign dia today...because he received a letter from his so-called future employer stating that they couldn't offer the position any longer. Giler...sukati co. tuh jer nak wat cenggitu. They jeorpadizing other ppl's job by offering it in first place! Brian said he felt like suing the co. Luckily Alicia didn't make any scene somethin like "ooo memula dapat kejer baru eksen, skang nak kejer balik ngan aku, bleh blah" hehe. kalo tak...gigit jari ar brian. tetibe jer jobless.

Cemana nak konpem ngan co. baru tuh they will wait for us until we had 1 month notice from ol company? Verbal confirmation is not a guarantee like in this case. But unlikely they're going to issue an employment letter within 1st week after interview ayt? Aku pon blur bab nih. hmph...

btw latest new bout Des where Hogan told Irma who told me dat he joined Tentera Udara Malaysia. huhu! sungguh² aku gelak. Des siap warning Hogan not to tell me bout this...and rasa²nya i know why. and soklan irma yang bes, cemana dia pumping ar? koh! koh! koh!


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