Once upon a time, there was a design firm in the Antarctic called The Waddlingtons Creative Company. Penguins made up most of the staff. Susan wanted to be one of those penguins. Waddlingtons had a reputation for originality and Susan was definitely an original. What luck! She got an interview on her very first try

When she arrived at the firm's iceberg, she was amazed to discover the birds followed themselves in an endless circle. Everything was a variation on what was successful when the studio first began. A regurgitation of that which had gone before. Susan thought that's fine if you're feeding your young, but it's not a way to design. And they never looked up. Each just watched the heels of the penguin in front of her

"What's wrong with you penguins?" she demanded, stamping her webbed orange foot.

They ignored her. They kept passing old concepts back and forth, crossing out old names and scribbling in new ones.

"Where's your direction?" She began stamping both orange webbed feet. Somebody snuffed at her.

"What happened to the innovative company that changed the way polar bears dress and harbor seals buy film?" Susan jumped up and down flapping her undersized wings

There was a thunderous crack under her feet and her world tilted. Actually it was the iceberg. Oops, she thought, did I do that? But then the real culprit - a local killer whale, and notorious society critic - rose out of the ocean and smashed his head into the studio. The sound of ice shearing boomed over Waddlingtons and they started sliding into the ocean

"We have to think of a way to get out of here!" Susan shook as many penguins as she could. One finally told her, "We've never had that concept before," as he sank closer to the giant teeth.

I gotta get out of here, Susan thought. She couldn't swim for it. Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea - and quickly built herself a catapult out of pencils and old inner tubes

The studio finally sank and everyone was eaten by the whale. Everyone, that is, save Susan, who pulled a lever and soared high over the water. She eventually opened her studio and had many more brilliant ideas

Source: Eyewire ®


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