just registered with gmail by googles (beta version). another email account...huhu! 1000mb. who could resist! b4 nih banyak kali aku try nak register the most ridiculous longest email ever at abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijk.com but to no avail. the links balik² masuk page yang sama. hampeh!


Yesterday was Didi's 3rd burfay! Celebrate among us jer...itupon nana cakap dia tanak buat. tapik cam tak bes lak...its family lil tradition. sooo I bought 10 slices of cake different flava @ Secret Recipe, sate etc. he said "acu beli cake didi" awww yes i am...takper makin kering $$ pon xper. makan! makan!

Saturday, pagi tadik saja gi kejer lambat. tanda protes kecik! no deadlines....so mostly i doze off in front of ma G4. there is no way you could contain any excitement for workin' on saturday and with no internet hooked up. Balik singgah KLCC pass cds to shin pai and had lunch there. bump into bubbly kak anis. she's more cun these days! and then there's AIM @ 8.30pm...pretty bored to me. the host (who would laugh @ harith's jokes?), the performance. *yawn* clap² to the rockers (man kidal, nash, awie, may), anuar zain, and mnasir feat spider. huhu...tringat konsert diaorang kat JB dulu. pak taaaaaammm! =D dolu ferhad nyanyi lagu mlayu skali trus ngetop, and now reshmonu wpon 1-2 songs. see any resemblance? ermph...in between x tak tgk sgt yang aku nampak ct de kat pentas few times lagikla busan...layan america's next top model gik bes