Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Farewell RR

On Kak Ita's last day at the office. I joined my ex-team mate amik gambar kenang-kenangan ngan kak Ita.

Kak Ita's Farewell

The ladies of IBG-DD

Kak Ita's Farewell

Ex-team mate. I do miss them. Skang dorang still duduk dekat with my new place so bleh laa lagik nak borak2. But if tetiba pas nie i have to pindah seat jauh sket sure sangap. Besides i don't have a team member now :(

Kak Ita's Farewell

We bagi a small farewell gift.

Kak Ita's Farewell  Kak Ita's Farewell

And big hug.

Kak Ita's Farewell

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