Monday, February 27, 2017

CSR Program

Joined CSR program for the first time ever. Usually the timing always clashed with something else. In fact this round too, but i managed to reschedule the other stuff while Jeeb took Qeeb to his swim class. I arrived at LK about 10am, gathered with colleagues and our soon to be new family member because it was a joint event. Masuk the hall, kene sanitize our hands first and pakai gloves.

CSR Stop Hunger Now

The NGO briefed us on do's and don'ts. I loved his speech because it was short and concise. Our main task is to pack meals.

CSR Stop Hunger Now

What's inside of each pack? Rice, dal, dehydrated vegetables and a flavoring multivitamix mix.

CSR Stop Hunger Now

Dah packed and sealed, masukkan dalam box. I think we completed 20,000 packs on that day. During the packing session, they put on energetic happy songs. So may positive and happy spirit absorbed dalam those meal gituh. According to the NGO, the packages will be distributed to orang asli so that they'll get proper nutrients.

CSR Stop Hunger Now  CSR Stop Hunger Now

And it's a wrap. Hope i'll get to join this kind of activity again. 

CSR Stop Hunger Now

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