Saturday, February 25, 2017

Qeeb's Sukaneka 2017

Last weekend we attended sukaneka at Qeeb's school. It was bright and hot sebab angin tak rasa sangat. And i forgot to bring my sunglasses. After the kids did their senamrobik session, the sukaneka started.

Sukaneka 2017

Yeah, sort of sleepy there. 

Sukaneka 2017  Sukaneka 2017

Waiting for our kids turn. Luckily Qeeb's group was the first to start.

Sukaneka 2017

Food stall meriah this year and banyak variety. We just bought shaved ice and watermelon juice to quench thirst.

Sukaneka 2017

Cute eh the shaved ice. It costed rm5.

Sukaneka 2017

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