'Are you an adultescent?' article in this month, Cleo is soo true. I'm an adult....but nowhere closer to proper grown-up. Terpk ler jugak naper lar aku camnih, ya know short-term planning, putting off commitments, asik nak bersuka ria, and the list go on. It's always bout me and me first. The article wrote, it's not necessarily a conscious choice, unless you really want to. So it does normal lar...this 'sindrom-taknakmature'.

'But no matter how happy you are living for today, there will be moments when you wonder if this is really where you're supposed to. ' (began to wonder long time ago) But (lagik) forcing yourself to think about the future just because you feel like you should is only likely to make you miserable. Eventually, it will probably just happen naturally. (Hopefuli! or am i using this article as an excuse to make me feel berra?)