Qeeb at 18 months

Almost 18 months already? Where does a year and a half go? Well most of it goes into cuddles, love and staring at this amazing lovable little creature! Here is Qeeb's look at 1.5 years old. We let his hair grow panjang sket soo this is the result. Before nih serious tatau nak buat hairstyle cemana, lol! When he's running the fringe will go bouncy2! 

Qeeb 1.5 years
Pix credit to thanty Mas

He can balance almost perfectly...jalan cam mabuk2 tuh still ada lagi jugaklah sket2. So now he's in the phase of running around and climbing the stairs. No more Frankenstein walk :( He's also learning few words.
  • Oak Wahhhh (Tok Wan)
  • Cit-cak (Cicak)
  • Pou-wer (Flower)
  • Vroom vroom (ajak naik keta)
  • Thar (Car)
  • Thanty (Auntie)
His favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. And the only part yang he can sing along is "uppa bef world highhhhhhhhhhhhh" sukati jer lah nak skip2 lyric. His favorite going to bed song is "Go to Sleep". Nak tau lyric dia cemana? Kodi sket ah lyric dia but this is the only song yang i can easily memorized :P
Go to sleep my sweet little brother Naqeeb (changed to Qeeb's name lah)
Drink your milk and just close your eyes
Mommy's upstairs baking you cake
Daddy's with her chocolaty mix
Qeeb 1.5 years
Pix credit to thanty Mas

Qeeb dah pandai salam cium tangan, yang buat me cair is bile hulur tangan he practically pull and make a sound 'hmmm' time cium tangan. Lepas baca doa dia amin, but nih ikot mood because sometimes baru sebut bismillah dah amin tak menyempat T__T, time nak tido suker masukkan his small fingers dalam my lobang hidong and tak suke minom pakai straw. When we said posing or smile with camera in front of him, he will lean sideways and give a sexy killer look (more like scary look actually) tahpapentah posing hahaha. Kalo nak citer lagik mmg konpem panjang lebar. But im blessed that i have all the rights to cuddle and mamam pipi this little guy sampai dia rimas muehehehe! 

Be good my dearest Naqeeb, be healthy, be smart and may Allah protect you from any harm out there. Insya Allah. 


  1. insyaAllah. i pray the best for my handsome bf Qeeb :D hehe.. Aminnn..

  2. thank you so much mas! Amin :)


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