Milk Withdrawal

Remember this entry? Yesterday night when qeeb tgh layan mata nak tido, suddenly he said "nak susu!". i was sleepy myself, trus tebeliak jap mata "Ehhh? really?"

Zaasss trus bangun and ajak dia turun. Baru jer smalam our helper dah packed and simpan all his bottles and steamer kat atas cabinet. Jenuh lah panjat nak amik balik, sib baik tak buang lagik. I tunjuk again the bottle to Qeeb in case he wants to drink in a tumbler.

Me: Mama buat susu in here ok?
Qeeb: ok, nak susu
Me: *Hati berbunga2*
Me: Mama buat susu kaw kaw punyer. Sedapppp!

Qeeb excited tunjuk milk powder container. Smangat nampak nak minom. Masuk balik bilik, he baring2 and amik the bottle susu. Minom sket, nom nom nom sket and my expression at that time macam tgh tgk diamond 10 carat on my own fingers.

suddenly he said "TANAKKKK!"

Dusshhh *shattered diamonds*. Sigh, oh well. I guess it's time to really pack the bottles for good. I

Note: I found a video of him tgh minom susu in my phone yeayy! I'm gonna miss him mintak susu every 1-2 hours. He was a really milk junkie, until one day he decided to stop drinking any kind of milk base.


  1. Fahren pon dh on off dah.. tapi kalau suh minum dia amik je la... cuma dia tak mintak..

  2. fahren pon dah kurang susu? sib baik if soh minom dia tak refused

  3. Qeeb is big boy edi..... Bole ajak kuar dating.. Eh.. Hahaha


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