Food Poisoning

I'm currently recovering from food poisoning. Very slowly  unfortunately T___T. On Sunday i felt nausea. I thought i'm just hungry. But biler makan tak hilang2 gak nausea. At night, we went out for dinner to celebrate PIL's 51st anniversary at KelabSA. I ordered tomyam and it was really spicy. That was the main reason that triggered the diarrhea and vomiting. Time kat kelab itself before balik dah start cheriberi. 

Sampai rumah, i feel sooo tak kene serba serbi. Went to toilet and bluekkkkk. Terasa balik salted egg prawn, tomyam etc kat tekak. Pehhh peritnyer! And then the angin started to built up again. Vomit and cheriberi lagik. Continue sampai laaa ke subuh. I can't sleep the whole night because of heartburnt, perot pijar and maybe because i drank coffee that evening.

Root cause? Musbi all the food combination i had since Saturday. Banyak makan pedas pon yee jugak. Berapi lee perot jadiknyer. So today i only had porridge from morning till malam. But tghari rasa feverish pulak and feel so weak. I just hope i recover by tonight or else i have to consider to take MC/EL tomorrow. Sigh. 


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