GLC & DDSewswithlove Photoshoot @ Putrajaya

Read 1st entry here when we arrived in Taman Botani. Lepas makan2 breakfast semua busy buat product photoshoot of DD's sewing stuff. It was a contest untuk gambar yang paling creative. Sumer pon nak bagi the best shots sebab dapat hadiah! Saper tanak hahaha.

Lepas sumer dah amik gambar then dorang pass to me. I randomly send to D so she can choose gambar mana paling cun dimatanya tanpa tau saper yang amik gambar2 tuh. These are the photos taken by me. Guess which one yang dapat sangkut satu? Hehehe

1) Fabric glasses case

DD Sews With Love

2) Stylo wristlet

DD Sews With Love

3) Pouch

DD Sews With Love

Cantek2 kannn the fabric. Check out her stuff at instagram ddsewswithlove okeh.


  1. Owhhhhh tq for the post babe!!! Anddd thank you for taking part! Haha Memori sungguh tau tgk gelagat memasing nk photoshoot product! Lebiuolsss!!!


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