Zafeer @ 1yo 8 Months

Zafeer is almost 1 year old 8 months. Time flies! Today we were having early dinner outside when suddenly Zafeer kept looking at a guy baya atok2 sket. So when i turned to him, the guy said "I can hear clearly he said NAK! NAK!! Is it his first word?" Lol...that's how excited and persistent he can be when it comes to food.

Zafeer @ 1yo 8months

He babbles a lot (in his own language). Some of the words i can catch immediately are me-oh (cat), chuchu (milk), thar (car), tenjiu (thank you), etc. He calls almost everybody in the house 'mama'. I always kene that i-dont-feel-special moment. Recently he started calling Qeeb as Qick instead of abam.

Zafeer @ 1yo 8months  Zafeer @ 1yo 8months

Zafeer also shows interest in playing car siap buat bunyik2. But on some occasion, Qeeb refused to share his hot wheels with his lil brother. Sooo memang kesian lah jugak. Even if i bought a new one for zafeer, it'll end up as Qeeb's. But pape pon Zafeer still loves his big brother and wants to play with him. He can count 1,2,3. Well except 1 actually because slalu orang lain yang sebut tuh dolu and he just continue. Plusss suker menyelit like in these 2 pictures.

Curious Zafeer  Curious Zafeer