Qeeb and Mozart

We were doing some revision. Qeeb was watching youtube Dennis earlier so i changed it to Mozart. You know classical music...studying...focus. Buat revision in front of TV focus amende nyer kan. But nak buat kat meja makan tak kene aircond.

Tengah dok buat revision nie, dia start tanya soklan lain.

Qeeb: Saper tuh? (referring to the guy on the screen)
Me: A pianist (salah la jugak jawapan nie)
Qeeb: What is his name?
Me: *googled* Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Qeeb: Dia cakap bahasa aper?
Me: French kot


After a while....
Qeeb: He looks scary laa
Me: What, nooo?!
Qeeb: Rasa cam dia tgk Naqeeb.
Qeeb: Asik tgk Naqeeb jer....*sorok muka behind me*
Me: Arghh dahler jom tido!

Well, it does looks kinda scary biler tgk lama2. Because somebody touched up and put a smile on his face! No wonder laaa kot nampak weird.