Diorama Animals Habitat

Diorama project is a fun thing to do. But provided you have all the materials and sufficient time. We got this assignment in the middle of the week. Tuh pon dengar from other mommies in WhatsAppp who asked about the submission date. But when i asked Qeeb, he said he don't know much. Well i can't dwell on it too much because he had diarrhea+gastric and had to skip school for 3 days.

We checked out the text book. Ada options polar region, ocean, jungle, desert and mountains. Qeeb said he's interested to do polar region, soooo polar bear and such it is. So this was what we came out with. (Confession: i had to admit mostly it was me because i need to put double sided everything to make sure it sticks well and tahan lasak)

Qeeb’s School Project - Diorama polar region
"Polar habitats are located in the very north (Arctic) and very south of the globe (Antarctica). Polar habitats have just two seasons – summer and winter (but even summer is normally very cold)."
We used Native shoe box, which already in blue color so we use as it is without wrapping it. Other materials needed are:

  1. Polisterine - for ice shelves and ice cap
  2. Background image - anything frozen look
  3. Printed images of polar bear and penguins.
  4. Cotton balls for igloo
  5. Recycled cake plastic container - as the igloo base
  6. Bath toys from Daiso (just to add some cute figures)
  7. Double sided tape (a lot)
  8. Fluorescent blue plastic - sea floor

Qeeb’s School Project - Diorama polar region

We loved the outcome. I was nervous thinking about how Qeeb gonna bring it to school naik, pegang terbalik, mau berterabur all the polisterine macam scene titanic langgar ice berg, Qeeb plak risau Zafeer main soh letak tempat tinggi2. But lain yang dirisaukan lain pulak jadiknyer. Qeeb FORGOT to bring it to school! *slap forehead* He said i put it on a table yang susah dia nak nampak sampai terlupa. Mommy jugak yang kene!

But anyways, i enjoyed tengok photos of the kids with their diorama (excluding Qeeb lah) yang the teacher shared. Everyone's work looked awesome! Creative betoi sumer.