My first day @ work. Kuar umah kol 6 pagi...orang tgh syiok tidoq lagik. tskkk! Board lrt till Taman bahagia and wait for feeder bus. If it wasn't the feeder bus problem I could get out from the house lil bit late. So there I was 7.30a.m on the sidewalk of Damansara Jaya. Luckily it's next to Atria, any place of work near a shopping complex can make me half happy.

Expo own all the three floors. The place would be bigger and more comfortable if they didn't have the hidden stairs. It's like walking in an attics with many doors. Made friends with Melissa, Poh Ching from QC, Hanim from Publishing and Azlan with his gang. And Red Alert for Sharon! Dunno what's wrong with me today. I didn't asked much question xcept for my work. Just layan apa diaorang cakap. Bad very bad attitude! I'll nosy around tommorrow....maybe it's the trip to work influenced my mood.

The job description for now is what they call Editorial Marking. I read hundred of pages Medic Book today. Think I could sit for gynae exam in couple of months :D. All the disease and drugs terms which I hardly know how to pronounce it. Off now...I'm having a headache. And tommorrow I have to wake at 5.30 in the morning AGAIN!