Whatta day. Arrived from JB yesterday evening. And today back at work :( . On Thursday nite we all gathered at Petronas TTDI to start the journey. Wawa picked me up @ the cafe. Then fetch Din and Mat at Kelana Jaya LRT. Rina + atuk fetch Zet. Renee...umah dia paling dekat ngan petronas takyah kutip sesapa. hehe. So we crawl into the nite...starving. Stopped at Somban mencekik. Around 1am arrived in JB. Sian aishah tak tidoq tunggu rombongan 'anak che kiah'.

Friday went for rehearsal. Then line-up in the 'death queue' just to make sure the photos send to my house. Pegi mencekik @ Sedap Corner. Balik mengulor a couple of hours then get ready for girls night out. Went to City Square, catch a movie Darkness Fall about hantu gigi. Pi sana pi sini blah from CS then lepak @ Pelitra. Balik...hire Zet as seamstress to pin my robe. Keh keh...real talent.

Saturday morning, first session of Convo. Cheers to Yuli, Rock, Lela, Roha, Din, Ezham, Ika, Siong, etc. Then go makan @ Sri Meranti balik tidoq. Around 4 Bapak and the rest arrived trus check in @ Sofitel, Senai. Meet em there, nice hote. Had dinner at Sayyam, Stulang. Balik stopped at wawa's room to get my stuff. Naik bilik tidoq. Tomorrow's the big day.

8.15 meet wawa @ the lobby then straight to bilik Aida. Exchange robe. Cong ceng cong ceng...rush to umah Aishah. I took a shower for the 2nd time...lack of stuff back @ hotel. get ready calit here and there. Pi studio posing², then drive back to bilik aida. Last touch...then we all move to SUB to register. Time tuh peluh berbaldi². After register posing² lagik with the family in front of HEP. Azali called, dia dah on the way back to KL. Tak sempat gua nak claim bunga, amik² gambo. Huh ngelat ler tuh. Agagaga. Bumped into Renee yang dah slamat naik in session 2, and Des all the way from his workplace Terengganu....he's rite he really put on weight. Kena tulah ler tuh...slalu lagik wat lawak psl aku. Nyehahahaha

1.30, queue again nak masuk dewan. No naik-735 ;) Then walked into DSI. Seated...the ritual, noo...the ceremony starts. Queue again for the last time in my entire 4++ years life in Skudai Campus. Walked up on the stage, bow and there you go an empty album. :D

Thank you so much to Zetty for being the best assistance for everyone yang convo dat evening. Al segala mak nenek dia pegang...rite from keta, kunci, paperbag, wallet...sumer² la. Aishah for her hospitality during our stay at her house. Teez for coming and driving 'alone'. hehe.

Too bad Fadh and Ielah can't make it. Kalo tak lengkap sumer Geesix. And kewlest housemates, Pizet(tukang touch up), Yulie(tukang bagi semangat), Rock (tq pinjamkan jubah), Zaza(straight from Somban), Lela(asereje), Roha(congrats dpt medal), Aida(default room hostess). Rawkkk on! Thank you all for coming and for the presents! Thank you, thank you sooo much.