cuti panjang rasa cam cuti skolah lak. huhu! attend wedding fynaz & adam, gi makan? here and there, jumpa yulie, teez and toad yang lama giler tak jumpa. thanx toad and yulie drop by umah aku! sunday de okestra DBKL with artist performance kat stadium sini and ader pertunjukan bunga api. i was hang around at the porch dalam gelap minum teh when suddenly bunyi meletup?. i had a really good view of the 15 minutes bunga api show.

i ekceli workin on monday. heh...jill and eric came over to gimme a freelance project (publishing gak). Jill waste no time...she called me the day after reunion setup appointment. so they were here at my house gimme some glance and briefing what's the whole thing about. part of it is design kad raya (maybe) :P sooo after they blah, i straightly start workin. haha! monay! monay!

and today...lepaih toad balik aku lak sambung kejer? ngecat umah. touch up jer ekceli, mana? dinding yang de mural painting by 2 street painter kat dalam umah nih. btw nana dare me on somethin. huh! i might do it! this weekend...IF aku rajin ar. masalahnya aku tak rajin! but dare is a dare :-|