Main editor, Quadir for Democracy & Civil sent some info bout his book launchin event which will take place in Seoul at the Korea Democracy Foundation this May 8th. Gaya cakap cam 'jom pi korea' huhu. However there's a note that he's surprised (unpleasant surprise ler kiranya nih) to see vol I and II differs where his name appeared 2nd rather than 1st in Volume II since he was the main editor of the whole project. Duh! Dia nih pelupo kot..he's the one who marked transposed with 2nd editor Lele in his marked proof and i tot he's being nice and fair. Shirley had to dig out ol email and pdf the marked proof back to every editor to ring a bell. itu pon nak jadik issue.

Buku lom launch lagik he oredi query to palgrave bout possibility in paperback edition. this piece of info to academic-author-wannabe, the publisher will keep an eye on sales and monitor progress of the hardback edition closely. the possibility of a future paperback edition will be based on marketing and commercial factors: strong sales in hback, coupled with marketing analysis of the potential for the book to be taken up core-course books for students at post-graduate level. if the books fulfill these criteria then paperback will be considered 12 months or so following initial publication hardback.

And today...i never seen so many repeating word of 'monstrous, monstrosity' in one book. ulang lagik dan beribu kali lagik...ergh! rasa cam nak jadik monster jer ngadap benda yang sama! Title buku dia pon de word monstrosity. :P Sticky note: the most frequent reference, Slavoj Zizek, a professor of philosophy and psychoanalysis. saper dia nih? hebatkah dia? banyak naw author refer to his writings. hmph...