Qeeb's 3rd Birthday

On 30 Oct (Wednesday) we celebrated Qeeb's official birth date at home. I've bought a cute ice cream cake at Bakers Cottage on the way back. Qeeb was excited and chattering non-stop when he saw the cake.

Birthday Qeeb 3yo

But when it comes to blowing the candles....he just hates it T___T. Refer to kesah lama related to candles on his 2nd birthday here. I've just noticed, i wore the same baju last year lol! But this year, tambah plak prangai baru...tak suker orang nyanyi birthday song out loud. So i'm expecting some scene lah on his birthday party this Saturday.

Birthday Qeeb 3yo

All he wants was marshmallows on the cake. Happy birthday my little boy! I'm cherishing every minute that i spend with you and that includes all the tantrums, throwing things, non-stop questioning 'aper tuh', car frenzy and tons of other things. But i do wish you move past the phase of do-not-remove-my-cars so i can seat on the couch. So you know, couch is meant for sitting not parking the cars.

Birthday Qeeb 3yo

We love you Qeeb :)


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