Water Bin Activities with Qeeb

I've tried a few water bin activities with Qeeb for sensory and fine motor skills. And he just loves it! Filled up the bin with water, gave him cups, bowls and few trinkets. The main objective is to pour & scoop water and transfer water from the bin to different containers.

But these days, Qeeb always start up washing his cars instead and let it drip on the table. And then on the floor. And sprinkle the water everywhere. Till now, aku tak berani lagik nak drop food coloring hehe. He is still not over 'washing the cars' phase yet. Time mandi nak wash car, masuk swimming pool pon nak wash car jugak! All his cars are like super clean sampaikan cat pon dah takde.

Oh dalam gambar takde gambar car btw. But at least he played 'til his heart's content. Kalo dia tgh tantrum sampai takleh pujuk, this activity works without fail.


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