Breakout Meeting @ VE & Lunch @ Edo Ichi, BS

Full day meeting outside the office early Dec ari tuh. Got a nice cozy room kat VE. Strategic too because dekat ngan washroom yang tak ramai orang so it was super clean, well lit and also dekat ngan surau. Free flow brewed coffee added some bonus points. Except that the snacks a bit off, ada yang masin, ada yang keras *roll eyes*

Breakout Meeting @ VE Hotel
Breakout Meeting @ VE Hotel  Breakout Meeting @ VE Hotel

The VE cafe was just next to our meeting room. Coincidentally, QA team had their br1m lunch there. But we decided to have japanese for lunch at nexus instead.

Breakout Meeting @ VE Hotel  Breakout Meeting @ VE Hotel
Breakout Meeting @ VE Hotel

After makan sambung balik meeting. At 5pm sharp they automatically switched off our projector. Harommm jadah. Berkira sungguh. But on the positive side, that means we can go home on time :P

Breakout Meeting @ VE Hotel


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