Throwback Preemie Zafeer

These photos are priceless for me. Tons of memories and buckets of mixed feelings. Look how small Zafeer was and how different he looked back then.

Newborn Zafeer  Newborn Zafeer

Preemie baby loves to sleep. So was Zafeer. It was really stressful to wake him up. Even the experienced nurses tolong kejut pon dia still tido nyenyak. Biler terbangun minom susu sket2 jer then tertido balik. Time tuh rasa cam stucked forever dalam hospital because i don't know how he's gonna gain some weight.

Newborn Zafeer
Newborn Zafeer  Newborn Zafeer

Kuasa Allah tuh maha besar. Alhamdulillah, after 1 year from the tiny preemie of 1.7kg to this sekampit beras of 10kg.

Zafeer's 1st Birthday