Farewell Lunch @ Betel Leaf, KL

We had a farewell lunch for SSB almost 1 month earlier because his last day is towards end of Ramadhan. We went  to Betel Leaf, Lebuh Ampang since the restaurant cater for vege and non-vege.

Farewell Lunch @ Betel Leaf

Yang join that lunch was RPP team - SSB himself of course, MZ, MK, RI and Aileen vendor (not in the picture).

Farewell Lunch @ Betel Leaf  Farewell Lunch @ Betel Leaf

I can't remember exactly what we ordered because some of the food share2. Mostly ordered nasi briyani.

Farewell Lunch @ Betel Leaf

Waiting for our uber ride to balik office. It was really panas and dry that day hence peloh and serabai.

Farewell Lunch @ Betel Leaf


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