GE14 and Malaysia's 7th Prime Minister

9 May 14th General Election Day. We cast our vote and pray. That night we watched the results closely. Persaingan sengit sangat! My eyes gave in at 2am, cannot tahan already even though i wanted to stay up to watch the historic moment. Plus not sure whether the next day cuti or not, kang zombie plak gi work.

10 May 3am-ish: After a long wait, recount and speculations, SPR finally announced Pakatan Harapan won 113 out of 222 parliamentary seats. Most of my friends did not sleep until they made the announcement. Alhamdulillah, i can't believe i get to witness this in my lifetime.

Dr Mahathir was supposed to be sworn in this morning at 9:30am, however, the swearing-in ceremony was cancelled at the last minute without any reason (technical issue maybe). With few press conferences in between by ex-PM Najib and also future PM.

Finally at 9.30pm, the Agong has sworn in Tun Mahathir as Malaysia's 7th Prime Minister. Even though the timing was really odd, kesian sangat tgk Tun nampak penat menunggu. But pape pon Alhamdulillah it went smoothly.

Here are some of the front page covers of local newspapers today. 

Quoted from somewhere:

Ingatlah... Bukan BN yang mahu kita tewaskan.
Bukan PH yang mahu kita menangkan.
Bukan Najib yang ingin kita singkirkan.
Bukan Mahathir yang ingin nobatkan.

Yang kita mahu sebuah kerajaan yang berorientasikan rakyat, berpaksikan keadilan, berteraskan demokrasi, berpakaian integriti.

Hari ini kita tentang Najib dan BN..kerana dikatakan penyalahan kuasa.. Hari ini ditakdirkan PH berkuasa, bersedialah menentang Mahathir mahupun Anwar jika mereka sama curangnya.. Ini sebuah perjuangan... Dari RAKYAT, untuk RAKYAT, demi RAKYAT!

Kuasa itu ditangan RAKYAT

Kerana itu ia takkan berakhir...