Cuti² Mesia...weekend gateway in PD. A blast!! really had a good time there. Saturday nite, bbq by the beach till midnite. sha la la by the twins and fawaz. sunday mornin' b'fast, naik banana boat, get thrown out from the boat, mandi kat pool, main tarik tali then mandi kat laut plak. pack barang, check out, momentous session, then, headed to Teluk Kemang for lunch. Pastuh gi Senawang, umah pakcik zet, lepak jap. and then balik. I'm drained of energy. balik umah, after dinner around 9++ trus flat.

today bangun gi kejer baru rasa all my muscles aching! nak pusing 45° pon susah. but it was all worth it! Plug to zect for details. Sham pon dah uplod laporan penuh + album @ fsksm (^o^)




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