i'm sinking everytime karupillay dengan manjanya calling "lisssaaaa" across the room every half hour, even less. since when nama aku jadik sulisa ntahle. yang lenlain pon nyahut everytime she does that, croakin' in harmony "lissaaaa" ewww! Joblist pon de 2 different names of me. One with 'z' and the other is 's'. duh!

Done and over with previous book entitled Motherhood and Disability. Kinda like reading Chicken Soup for the Soul. Painful facts and experience about disabled mothers and how they deal with it. bes jugak. and now, workin on a book called OC. Full title On Clausewitz, which doesn't sounds interesting as in short form. Burink! cuba bagi aku buku wat buku citer cam shopaholic ker hatta buku mills and boon skalipon. terang sket mata. gawd, felt terribly restless! consume and intoxicate me puhlease!