Weng handed in his resignation letter today. Waaaa....dia blah dulu! I always had interesting conversation with him in spite of his habit snatching my morning paper, everyday! Member tunggu bus sesama, lambat datang kejer sesama. Well...ppl come, ppl go. we say goodbye, and move on. Hope he have better prospect in his new job.

I had six finalized books today. Pretty confusing when it all renamed to ISBNs. Hope didn't mix up anything. It was huge relief after todays shipment. Phew!! Balik, Shirley gave a ride to LRT. Btw, there's one ol guy at M. Jamek who became a regular street singer there. His instrument...an ice-cream tub (tupperware). Hardly understand what he's singing tho...but i caught few keywords like aint got no money, disloyal women, whatsoever. Guess he's singing about life...but I wouldn't consider it to be called singing. Lets just say it's an artistic performance...something different.


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