Beraya at Cheras & Office

Gambar raya haritu where my sis buat family get together at her house Cheras. Invited our aunts, uncles, cousins and family's friends.

Beraya at Cheras

Uncle Sonny with the guys.

Beraya at Cheras

Food!!! Everything were prepared and cooked by my sis and her boys. My fav were rendang and sambal udang.

Beraya at Cheras  Beraya at Cheras

[Left] Buffet style. Nicky is soo tall he can just jongket kaki and took picture above everyone. [Right] Uncle Wim and Uncle Sonny

Beraya at Cheras  Beraya at Cheras

Borak2 and catching up with everyone. I managed to kluar jap gi beraya rumah Juju yang 1 block away jer. She was still in confinement at that time so kira lawat baby skali. Abg Ayie's relatives pon dah start datang so some of us beransur balik. Thank you for the awesome food, Chef Nana and thanks everyone for coming (Karen was here too, but she and Adly were the photographers hehe)

Beraya at Cheras

Next makan2 session was at office organized by LVP Dept. My fav were laksa terengganu and nasi dagang.

Beraya at LVP Dept, MYC

Ramai yang suker steamboat punyer tomyam and kuah kicap tuh. Other menus were sate, fruits, sago melaka, air bandung, teh tarik etc. Pueh makan.

Beraya at LVP Dept, MYC

Photo props pon ada! Cantek and kemas jer dia punyer finishing. Eheh...can't help amik gambar lelebey.

Beraya at LVP Dept, MYC
Beraya at LVP Dept, MYC  Beraya at LVP Dept, MYC

Raya is sooo fun with lots of gatherings and food!


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