BSN Open House

The open house was held at KL Convec Centre. Meriah siap decor and performance. Cuma this year they covered all the wall with black drapes. Perhaps to respect MH17 tragedy. Ramai as expected and kitowang makan berdiri jer kat some of the small stand table. Tak kesah janji makan sedap hehe.


Food was great! Errr 2 gambar nih tak justify.


Classic kampung style decor. Ada macam2 props, vespa lah, basikal lah, kuali dodol etc.


Cam last year found out that Mas PNB pon datang gak BSN open house. So taun nie berjanji ngan dia nak jumpe kat situ hehe.


Sesama kengkawan kejer yang datang sama.


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