Merdeka and Long Weekend

Selamat Hari Merdeka every one! Alhamdulillah we get to celebrated our 57th years of independence. Here are photos of Qeeb smiling, waving and marching with his own colored flag.

Merdeka Day
Merdeka Day  Merdeka Day

How we spent time on Merdeka day? We took Qeeb for his first train ride. Parked the car kat Amcorp Mall and naik tren to KLCC from there.

Merdeka Day @ LRT
Merdeka Day @ LRT  Merdeka Day @ KLCC

We had lunch kat food court. I tried quesadillas from Popilla, Jeeb tried burger from Fuel Shack (had to queue for 30mins!) and Qeeb makan nasik goreng. [Below] Fountain view from Kinokuniya.

Merdeka Day @ KLCC

By the time we want to go back, Qeeb dah tired and sleepy so berdukung lah kejap. The LRT crowd was ok but ada jugak ignorant yang buat derk tak bagi seats. Qeeb plak tak jadik tido biler dapat tgk view from the back of the train. When we reached Taman Jaya station, singgah A&W tingin nak minom rootbeer float and waffle. Tapik queue mak aih panjang sampai dah kluar pintu. So amik keta trus and tak sampai 5 minit Qeeb dah tertidoq. We stopped by A&W Batu 3 instead and dapat lah layan jap rootbeer float dalam keta while Qeeb asleep. Nekmat betoi minom air tuh when you are sooo thirsty!

Merdeka Day @ LRT


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