i'm still in the office tunggu time nak bukak posa. aih mati kutu nak tunggu lagik 2 jam. nak round Atria, break tadik dah pegi! urgh...the menu berra be good! make it worth waiting!

The news about humanitarian, Dr. Alijah Gordon, 74, who passed away last two days is quite upsetting. Not that I know her personally but all her books is published by MSRI and my company is the typesetter for couple of years, ekceli abg Yan to be exact. She's an American Muslim and a former journalist, also very particular on how her book should be typeset, that's why the staffs here called her 'nenek kebayan' (jokingly). I haven't got the chance to read her writings yet...but soon. Everytime her book launching Tun Dr. Mahathir would do the honour. The part I'm touched is she has one last book left about parti PAS which she haven't got the chance to read it for first proof after being hospitalised. They still doing it here.

Kak meriyani break the news to me that morning thru sms (lom kuar paper lagik that time), and asked wether abg Yan knew already. so I asked him, and in a way I break the news to him. He was stunt. Geez...I feel bad.

Al-Fatihah to her, who fight for Palestinians.


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