Tried to log in time.planet via FTP, failed manjang. aku pon naik fed-up...:P

Got a call from BB saying she accepted her dad's choice for future husband after meeting the guy's family today. I was make it VERY surprised, because she totally object the idea at first. I'm talking about matchmaking here. marrying someone you never met. She fill me the details as soon we meet up. I kinda excited, it's not like everyday your friend is having an arrangement wedding. When a father approved, it means the guy wasn't dat bad ayt? Haha...I mentioned this casually to Bapak, soh dia carikkan, hampes dia gelak giler! I was half-serious!

At last, I get to watched Matrix Revolution. Pelik gak Suria tader plak packed hari nih. But there's a lot of man-in-uniform crowd. *grrrin!* Navy i guess, from Republic of Korea. First time aku tgk Navy went for shopping. and goalie...they are darn cute!


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