I'm a workaholic! Had a revamp-da-house-day. The hall now have a new look. and mid-hall? erm tatauler baper lama bulih bertahan the cleanliness. Takes hours to clean-up and arranging, but it only takes 5 minutes for the boys to 'rearrange'. I started from the kitchen to my room, nana from hall to dining table. and after 2, aku nak shove baju dalam lemari pon tak larat. When my dad saw...siap perli "abis reput tulang anak aku". eiss sabo jelah. dah bis gotong royong, aku tidoq. dahler ujan..uhuh syiok.

geez tomorrow still have to go to work. when i mentioned dat, everybody goes what? ko biaq btol. whooaa betoller nih. as in 2moro i'll be the only malay in the office. by noon aku chow. maybe singgah memana...kasut raya takdak lagik! talk later...

tangan dijabat di talian iman

hati diikat simpulan persaudaraan

bila jiwa berdakapan

perasaan bergandingan

terbukalah keberkatan lebaran

one of raya cards I received which have kuih baulu on it. it's so cute!


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