Woke up late today...menggelabah aku naik LRT. Putra buat hal plak...due to technical problem, it had to be drive manually and VERY SLOWLY. lagik la aku lambat. hampes.

This couple of days, I have no books at all. We were lazying around, reading magazine, burn CD ntahapahapa, lunch tgk VCD, main game. Giler idle tahap cipan. Abis sumer folder aku tukau icon. dah tukar icon, tukar label color lak, pastuh rename. Whateva nonsense that can make me stay at the desk. Besides everybody is in festive mood! Buku yang due next 2 weeks sumer dah siap. tinggal aku jelah yang nak wat packing list and shipped off since I'm the only one around for UK team. huk huk!

Gosh uploading pix is such a pain in the ass. Seems forever....Finally here is get together for buka posa with my skoolmate @ Chakri and Penang Village with bebudak UTM.


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