A Quick Stop @ IKEA

At first I just wanted to go makan. I had meatballs and went a bit overboard by grabbing 2 pieces of spring roll and a slice of cake. And also biscuits to take home. I love this flat lay because of the lighting and the asparagus add on some color to it.

A Short Trip to IKEA

Pusing punyer pusing i ended up beli cushion of cat prints. It was too cute to resist. When we gathered at the payment counter, everybody were holding the same cushion! lol! 

A Short Trip to IKEA

Yellow teeth gummy was also included in this trip.

A Short Trip to IKEA

On the way back saw an accident between a car and a van (nelopak punyer company). I saw the driver looked stunt in his car. Hope he's alright.

A Short Trip to IKEA

Raya theme dah up in ikea. All the Doftrik designs considered as raya collection. I love all the prints!

Short Trip to IKEA  Short Trip to IKEA


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